NABH Certification

Health care organization seeking for the NABH accreditation must have a quality nursing care service offered to patients. The service aims at the prevention of disorders or human diseases, providing effective care to patients, and therapeutic to the patients. The personnel working in the organization should ensure the prevalence of competent, safe, ethical and effective, nursing service.

Laboratories seeking to achieve excellence in nursing care need to incorporate the following processes:

  • Patients care with excellent nursing service
  • Nursing Resource Management (NRM).
  • Resource management of nursing service
  • Medication or Drug Management with the improvement, usage, and other services
  • Ensure effective communication, guidance and skills of the personnel
  • Measure for Infection control
  • Creating awareness for health
  • Review of nursing services to evaluate the performance within the organization
  • Implementation of the Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Siddha, Unani, Yoga naturopathy department

Laboratories performing various tests in biological, immunological, chemical, pathological, hematological, microbiological, cytological sectors need to perform the operation in compliance with the NABH accreditation. The NABH Certification ensures the reliability of the operation performed for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disease. The certification is applicable for all medical laboratories irrespective of the complexity of the test performed by the laboratory.

The NABH also aims at promoting the patient health care system. The NABH offers certification to the health care organization for the successful implementation of the infection control system.

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