NABH Consulting

NABH accreditation consulting service offered at the to implement the best services within the health care organization. The NABH consulting service will be offered to all health care organization including hospital, medical laboratories, dental clinics, and other organization.

The consulting service will include:

  • Training of the organization in establishing compliance with the legal and statutory requirement of the health care service as per mentioned in the law.
  • Meeting with the safety guidelines with the usage of the medical devices
  • Establishment of an efficient management system for the medication and patient safety
  • Dealing with the managements and improvement of the tools and technique within the laboratories
  • Establishing system for the hospital disaster management
  • The training will be offered in the establishment of the
  • Allopathic clinical accreditation for hospital and health care centers
  • Accreditations for offering services in Medical Imaging
  • Blood bank and Blood storage system
  • Establishment for the accreditation for the dental clinics
  • Training will be offered in gaining excellence with the nursing service and patient safety
  • In the managements and improvements of medication and drug
  • And in the establishment of the infection control system

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