NABH Documentation

The documentation of the hospital done should include the necessary information about the hospital infrastructure, heath care services, patient facilities and all other information that fulfill with the legal requirements for running a health care organization. In order to get accredited with the NABH, a hospital needs to fulfill the documentation requirement.

It offers in the establishment of a framework that offers quality assurance and satisfaction for patient health care services. The organization seeking the NABH accreditation should have to meet with the following documentation requirement as per mentioned in the NABH guidelines:

  • All basic Information about the health care organization services, working strategies, etc. mentioned in the brochure.
  • Include a document stating Addendum to the Hospital standard as per the latest issue or version of the NABH.
  • The standard document includes information about the health-care provider services and compliance with the NABH accreditation requirement.
  • The application form for the NBAH accreditation certification: It includes information about the hospital infrastructure like number of seats, fee, and other information.
  • Self-assessment toolkit
  • A document in the form of Agreement with the NABH for the accreditation requirement
  • Guidelines and policies for meeting with the NABH standard
  • Guidelines and program for performing pre-assessment program
  • Detailed information about the Assessor
  • Steps for how to handle complaints and appeals made to the NABH
  • Time duration for performing accreditation by health care service providers
  • Steps and Policies implemented to face adverse situation in the organization
  • Include information about the selection of the assessor
  • Usage of air conditioning in OT room

At, we offer consulting service to the client for the meeting successfully with the NABH documentation requirement. Our consultant will provide guidance at each step of the accreditation to implement a quality health care service.

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