NABH Training

The training for the implementation of the NABH accreditation compliance services is provided by us at to hospitals and health-care organizations. The main areas where we provide training and create awareness for the implementation of the international standard within the organization are discussed below:

  • The training offers understanding and achieving information about the legal and ethical issues compliance with the NABH.
  • Offering services for the medical device safety guidelines
  • Offering training in serving patient with proper medication and other medical services. Training will help the clinicians, nursing professionals, pharmacists, hospital managers and other medical professionals in managements of the medication within the organization/ hospitals. It involves the understanding of the medication effectiveness, quality and safety and also includes the cost evaluation of the drugs and.
  • Identification of drug-related problems
  • Develop strategies for improvement of drugs
  • Efficiently implement the guideline for the implementation of the quality care within the organization
  • Regular monitoring of drug performance and steps for minimizing the errors associated with the drug usage
  • Review of the drug performance and usage understanding the use of antimicrobials
  • Understanding the functioning of the Drug Therapeutic Committee
  • Improvement for medical tools and techniques: The training is provided especially for the Hospital Managers and Administrators to control the usage of the tools and technique involved in health care activities. It helps in identification of the essential components for the Quality and performance of the hospitals. It helps in implementation and improvement of the quality system that complies with the accreditation and in relation with the trending approach towards quality improvement.
  • Training for the clinical audit will ensure the effective implementation of the accreditation within the health care organization. It also prepares the hospital staffs and faculty, quality managers to perform well in external audit. It ensures the improvement of the patient care and safety measuresimplemented through clinical audits.
  • Training for the hospital disaster managements essential for all healthcare professional, quality managers & administrative staff
  • Training program will be provided to the medical professional for the implementation of the standard as per the NABH hospitals accreditation requirement. It involves training in following specific areas
  • 1.Accreditation for providing service in Medical Imaging
  • 2.Implementation Blood bank and storage standard
  • 3.Accreditation for dental clinics or health care centers

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